Lyric Hearing Aids - Invisible. Effortless. 24/7.

European Audiologist of the Year, Robert Beiny, and his team at the Hearing Healthcare Practice were selected by Phonak as a European launch partner for Lyric Hearing.

CIC (Completely-in-Canal)

Lyric hearing aids are the latest completely invisible, extended wear hearing devices. Lyric requires no handling and remains in the ear 24/7. And the best thing is - no one can see how well you hear!

Lyric is inserted deep inside the ear canal and can stay there for up to three months even in the shower and while you sleep.

The Hearing Healthcare Practice has extensive experience fitting and working with Lyric. So,if you're interested in hearing what Lyric could do for you, the Hearing Healthcare Practice are ready to help you.

Call us now on 01582 767218 to book an expert Lyric assessment and you could discover effortless, invisible hearing all day, everyday.

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Lyric - the first completly invisible, extended wear hearing aid.

Lyric Hearing Aid